2021 Pug Pack marathon challnge

Pug Pack Marathon Challenge

As you all know, Pugs are not great runners, but they run better in a Porous Pack. The Pug Pack Marathon Challenge will show the world how true that is. Starting on May 8th, and running 10 weeks through July 17th, unleash your inner hound and take to the streets and trails for 50 miles.

Sounds easy right? Well be sure to howl extra loud to call out to your fellow Pugs, because 26.2 of those miles must be run WITH ANOTHER PUG. For the purposes of tracking the challenge, please be sure to add the Pug via the "Add Others" function on Strava so that we can track your progress.

If you're short some miles towards the end of the challenge, you can count on an easy 3.1 on July 17th, when we'll be celebrating the end of the challenge with the biggest Porous Pugs group run to date as well as a pool party in Westchester. Full details and location will be shared in the GroupMe closer to the date.

Run Pugs Run... and see you in July!

Congrats to Sean for running the most shared miles and cracking that Marathon mark! See the final standings below.

Individual Mileage Leaderboard

Chris - 102.7

Ben - 88.21

Sean - 62.34

Rob - 53.32

Bobby - 48.03

Casey - 46.48

Greg - 37.62

Steve - 31.32

Tyler - 29.27

#12 - 7.25

Dennis - 1.98

Dave - 1.10

#05, #11, #15 - 0

Shared Mileage Leaderboard

Sean - 26.53

Tyler - 12.29

Bobby - 11.31

Ben - 8.31

Chris - 4.07

Steve - 3.30

Greg - 2.26

Dennis - 1.98

Dave - 1.10

All others - 0


The Pug with the most miles run with other Pugs will be receiving a one-of-a-kind Golden shirt to commemorate their achievement. See the design below and get packing.